Fuzhou Changbo Container Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise that designs, produces and manufactures special kinds of containers as well as standard containers. The company not only has perfect manufacturing equipment and advanced production line to achieve high efficiency and high quality production; but also has a well-trained professional production team and top design and technical personnel, and rely on strict scientific management to provide high quality assurance for the products. Changbo not only produces standard containers, but also specializes in manufacturing non-standard containers such as field survey and engineering supporting boxes, equipment control room boxes, living room boxes and fireproof special boxes. According to the special requirements of industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units, we can design many kinds of special containers. With professional technical support as the basic platform and adhering to the service concept of "all to solve customer difficulties", Changbo provides customers with professional, efficient and matching product application solutions. We aim to transform non-standard products into standard application products with professional design and technical support to serve all related fields and scenarios.