Career Development

  Talent concept   

The company adheres to the talent concept of "respecting value, people-oriented, and making the best use of talents". Talent is the soul of the enterprise, the company regards talent as the greatest asset, and always takes talent as the foundation of the enterprise, the foundation of competition and the foundation of development. We are committed to building a positive and unafraid staff team, a harmonious and diligent working atmosphere, and a team spirit of common development.


   Employment principles    

1. Pay and return accordingly, rights and responsibilities are equal, efforts and opportunities are accompanied by

2. The company will always be with every employee who strives for progress

3. the company provides opportunities for the development of employees, employees contribute to the development of the company

4. grass-roots employees should have a sense of responsibility, middle-level employees should have a sense of motivation, and senior employees should have a sense of career

5. the company is responsible for employees, employees are loyal to the company

6. employ people without doubt, trust is the premise of efficiency; strengthen supervision, supervision is the guarantee of trust

7. respect talent, but not to accommodate talent


   Cultivation mechanism    

The company pays attention to the introduction of talent and retraining, supporting a comprehensive training program, including pre-job training, skills training, product knowledge training, special training, management training, other comprehensive ability training, etc. We also designate helper masters and follow up the training progress, and evaluate the assessment in stages to enhance the practical ability of employees at all levels in their work, so as to achieve people-oriented, meritocratic, and the best use of talents.


   Career path   

The company implements the career channel of "two-way development of skill level and position level", and supports a relatively perfect broadband salary system. Through vertical and horizontal development, the career path of employees is enriched, so that employees can get more development opportunities. Personal growth is reflected in the form of salary increase, promotion, project responsibility, training opportunities, special skills backbone, multi-skilled backbone, etc., and personal value is emphasized. When a position is vacant, the company will first consider the replacement of suitable internal personnel, while focusing on the training of echelon talents. Adhering to the principle of "no seniority ranking, the capable up, the mediocre let, the mediocre down".

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