Water Tank

 FAST focuses on supporting famous generator sets at home and abroad, and its products are supporting the top ten brands in the world engine industry and the top ten brands in China, and the companies we cooperate with are international companies and listed companies in the industry. Our products cover water radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, plate heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger, etc. The products are widely used in power generation, construction machinery, oil field, gas, coal, power station, port machinery and other industries.

 -Advanced and complete set of production equipment.

-The use of raw materials of purple copper with better heat dissipation properties.
-Production materials and production process used for non-standard products (galvanized purple copper).
-All water tanks are tested again for holding pressure before leaving the factory. Product testing before leaving the factory (wind speed, belt, noise, belt temperature, vibration, real-time speed, tank stability clear condition, current, power consumption).


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