Cummins generators are based in Peterborough, UK. Cummins Generator Technologies manufactures a wide range of alternators from 2 to over 11,000 kVA under the MARKON®, STAMFORD® and AvK® brands. With over 50 years of experience in successfully meeting customer needs, Cummins Generator Technology Systems ranks among the world's leading alternator technologies, with a global sales and service network and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, China and India.

        Cummins Generators (formerly Wuxi New Era Alternators) was established in February 1996 and officially opened in November 1997. The current annual production capacity is 65,000 generators. The Wuxi plant manufactures multiple series of Stamford alternators in strict accordance with the design and process standards of the Cummins Generator Technology System. Product design, materials, production and testing are all directly managed and controlled by British personnel.
         STAMFORD alternators are available in a wide range of SAE standard transition bushings for easy connection to a variety of engines. prime movers.
        AvK alternators feature a rugged, molded winding design for durability up to 10,000 kVA and are designed to meet demanding applications and harsh environments such as power generation for oil and gas, coal and ore mining and critical marine power supply for tankers and cargo ships. Having installed a large variety of alternators in the market, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise that gives us the expertise to provide integrated design solutions that enhance our customers' competitive strengths worldwide.


Utilizing wire-wound (bulk-wound) technology, STAMFORD generators are the industry benchmark for all generator set configurations
2-Pole Alternators: 10 - 50kVA
4-pole alternators: 4 - 5,000 kVA
6-pole alternators: 250 - 1,600kVA
Voltages up to 13.8kV
AVR brushless excitation
Sealed protection classes IP21, IP22, IP23, IP44
Ideal solution for marine/offshore, uninterruptible power supply, telecom, infrastructure and advanced protection, construction and other continuous and standby power applications
P80 medium and high voltage series with molded winding design
Superb winding (molded winding) configuration, AvK alternators are superbly designed to meet applications in the most demanding environments - extraction of oil and gas, coal and minerals, critical offshore tankers and container ships, etc.
4, 6, 8 and 10 pole alternators
DSG low voltage series 690V
DIG high voltage series 13.8kV
AVR brushless excitation
IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55 (CACA, CACW) sealed protection classes
Suitable for all drives: diesel, gasoline and steam turbines


Fuzhou Office:Floor 12, Buliding D,Unis Sci-Tech Park,Fuzhou,Fujian, China

Fuzhou Luoyuan Factory:Building13,The Songshan Area of Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone,Songshan Town, Luoyuan County,Fuzhou,Fujian