SME is a joint venture company jointly established by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. The company is located at No. 2630, Junong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai (within the Shanghai Diesel plant), and started production in 2013 with a production schedule of 5,000 units of SR diesel engines per year, and is expected to reach its production schedule target by 2020.

       At present, SME mainly produces S6R2 / S12R / S16R / S16R2 series engines with a power range of 500kW to 2000kW under the technical license of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and its technology, production and quality are always in sync with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
       The SR series is the mainstay of MHI's non-road industrial medium and large engines, and is now produced in the French plant in addition to the local plant in Japan. Mainly used in land-based power plants, marine main engines and auxiliary engines. The products are well sold in Europe and America, and also highly recognized by customers in China. On the platform of this series of diesel engines, we have land-based power plants that comply with US EPA2 emissions and marine auxiliary diesel engines that comply with IMO2 emissions.
       Thanks to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' integrated fuel system and engine development, SME achieves optimal performance, high power, high stability and low emission power output, always reliable. No matter where you are in the world, SME will always provide you with reliable power supply.

 Smooth and fluent

Gentle combustion with high injection pressure and high atomization fuel
Intermediate support cylinder sleeve to control deformation and vibration of piston impact
Sturdy crankcase with ribbed crankcase skirt and side bolts for sturdy support of main bearings
High power
High flow coefficient intake tract, tangential, flow type single intake tract
MHI-made high boost ratio turbocharger, high compression ratio with high efficiency diffuser
MHI-manufactured high-pressure oil pump for fast and clean combustion with high injection pressure of 1200 kg/cm2 (120MPa)
Optimized combustion
Charge air cooling system, customized cooling system for different engines, PTA (after-cooling), PTAA (air-to-air cooler)
Turbochargers, MHI manufactures high boost ratio turbochargers
Fuel nozzles, high flow rate nozzles
Injection pump, MHI manufacturing high pressure injection pump
Camshaft, optimum valve timing
Piston, optimum compression ratio and combustion chamber shape


Fuzhou Office:Floor 12, Buliding D,Unis Sci-Tech Park,Fuzhou,Fujian, China

Fuzhou Luoyuan Factory:Building13,The Songshan Area of Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone,Songshan Town, Luoyuan County,Fuzhou,Fujian