DEUTZ  (Dalian) Diesel Engine is a joint venture between DEUTZ AG, the founder of diesel engine, and FAW Group Corporation, the leader of Chinese automobile industry.

The company has three major product series, C, E and D, with a power range of 27-225 kW. The products have significant advantages such as advanced, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and are ideal for powering various types of generator sets (power equipment).
With the brand influence, R&D system, manufacturing system, power platform, profit model and market strategy, the company comprehensively meets the diversified needs of domestic and international customers.

 1. Adopt the monoblock pump structure which has been verified by European market for 12 years, with stable performance and low maintenance cost, synchronous production in Europe, and the product has been certified by Germany

2. The lowest fuel consumption under full load reaches the world advanced level
3. large torque reserve factor, reliable and durable, good dynamics, low number of diesel engine parts
4. low noise, no need for auxiliary means to meet the standard diesel engine
5. compact structure, small volume, simple structure and easy maintenance, 80% of the maintenance points are concentrated in the diesel engine "maintenance side"
6. good versatility of parts, high degree of serialization, a variety of matching solutions for customers to choose
7. no oil picking, monomer pump structure to adapt to low quality fuel, cheap spare parts


Fuzhou Office:Floor 12, Buliding D,Unis Sci-Tech Park,Fuzhou,Fujian, China

Fuzhou Luoyuan Factory:Building13,The Songshan Area of Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone,Songshan Town, Luoyuan County,Fuzhou,Fujian