Control cabinet test bench

 The test system is mainly applied to control cabinets supporting generator sets, electric power, metallurgy, etc. For the control cabinet internal wiring and function testing. The test uses the combination of PLC and industrial control computer to achieve automatic special testing, while generating test reports and accurately identifying the line fault points, which not only saves the line inspection time, but also provides guarantee for the factory qualified rate of products, and further provides scientific and efficient testing means for the traditional control cabinet line inspection.

 Real-time monitoring of associated electrical signals through the upper computer control system.

With manual/automatic detection function, which can realize one-key test;
with real-time alarm and historical alarm recording functions.
Test through automatic generation of reports, according to the need to print the qualified label;
Quick plug docking between test bench and control cabinet, easy to move;
Flexible design to meet customer customization requirements;
Cold-rolled steel plate, industrial-grade standard spraying, with strong moisture-proof, heat-resistant, anti-corrosion;
Human-machine interface can be matched according to the actual application;
Different protection levels are designed to meet different application environments.


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