2000kw load cabinet

GEF series load cabinets are mainly applied to generator sets, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), battery sets, test equipment, electric power, metallurgy and other pseudo-simulated load tests.

Test load cabinet is mainly for testing the output power, carrying capacity and all electrical parameters including dynamic parameters of all kinds of generator sets, mainly consisting of two parts: measurement and control and load cabinet, and the upper computer to cooperate with the use of intelligent
It is mainly composed of two parts: measurement and control, and load cabinet, which can be used with the host computer to realize intelligent and automatic special tests, and generate charts, curves and test reports at the same time, which can fully detach from manual testing and provide scientific testing means for generator sets.

Industrial grade powerful axial fan, low noise, low temperature rise.

Test functions such as automatic loading can be completed by inputting test power.
With perfect fan overload, overheating and other protection functions.
Use the upper computer to control the system, and the electrical parameters are monitored in real time.
Industrial grade powerful axial flow fan.
Power consuming original is made of special alloy resistive material and manufactured by strict process, with good heat dissipation performance and high stability. 
Different protection levels are designed to meet different application environments.
Friendly human-machine interface is matched according to the actual application.
Flexible design and customized production meet customers' non-standard requirements.
Load cabinet box material and coating process.     
Cold-rolled steel plate, industrial-grade standard spraying, with extremely strong moisture-proof, heat-resistant and corrosion-proof.
According to the national and military test standard requirements, 25%; 50%; 75%; 100%; 110% etc. sectional load
Load input, or according to customer requirements to adjust the power segmentation, to achieve the real power of different working conditions application simulation.


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