500kw load cabinet

GEF series load cabinets can be used in generator sets, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), battery packs and other electric energy equipment for testing and maintenance of simulated loads.

GEF load cabinets are usually used as test equipment or testing means, equipped for generator set manufacturers, generator set service providers, electric energy users or as supporting equipment for electric energy systems.

 Horizontal air inlet, axial flow cooling, low noise, low temperature rise.

Industrial-grade powerful axial flow fan, single-phase or 3-phase optional.
Power consuming original is made of special alloy resistive material, manufactured by strict process, with good heat dissipation performance and high stability. 
Different protection levels are designed to meet different application environments.
Friendly human-machine interface is matched according to the actual application.
Flexible design and customized production meet customers' non-standard requirements.
Load cabinet box material and coating process.     
Cold-rolled steel plate, industrial-grade standard spraying, with extremely strong moisture-proof, heat-resistant and corrosion-proof.
According to the national and military test standard requirements, 25%; 50%; 75%; 100%; 110% etc. sectional load
Load input, or according to customer requirements to adjust the power segmentation, to achieve the real power of different working conditions application simulation.


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