Side-by-side cabinet

GEK series side-by-side cabinet can be divided into single machine control, AMF utility failure control, multi-machine parallel control cabinet and parallel control cabinet with city network.

The GEK series side-by-side cabinets mainly perform the functions of comprehensive monitoring, protection and diagnosis of the generator set, while the AMF control cabinets include utility detection and automatic power switching. The parallel grid control cabinet can realize the functions of frequency/voltage adjustment, synchronous closing, active and reactive load setting, etc.
GEK series side-by-side cabinet adopts the side-by-side or head-type cabinet, Kemai MRS/AMF controller or IC/IG parallel controller, ABB brand or domestic famous brand switch and other high-performance configuration.

Characteristic appearance design and color matching.

The use of aviation connectors, convenient and user site use of arbitrary configuration and reliability.
Comay controller, off/manual/automatic/experimental mode selection.
relay circuit configuration surge protection diodes.
Control cabinet equipped with MU318MC-HL control circuit board, the main advantages of the control circuit board.
a) Due to the repetitiveness (reproducibility) and consistency of the circuit, wiring and assembly errors are reduced, saving time for maintenance, commissioning and inspection of the equipment;
b) The design can be standardized to facilitate interchangeability;
c) high wiring density, small size, light weight, and facilitate the miniaturization of electronic equipment;
d) The control circuit board has emergency start and stop function, in case of controller failure, the generator set can be started by the dip switch on the control circuit board.


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