Side cabinet GEKP-100P3-21-DL-D1

 Side cabinet GEKP-100P3-21-DL-D1, can be divided into single machine control, AMF utility failure control, multi-machine parallel control cabinet and parallel control cabinet with city network.

The side cabinet GEKP-100P3-21-DL-D1 mainly provides comprehensive monitoring, protection and diagnostic functions for generator sets. the AMF control cabinet contains utility detection and automatic power switching functions. The parallel and grid-connected control cabinet can realize the functions of frequency/voltage adjustment, synchronous closing, active and reactive load setting, etc.
The side cabinet GEKP-100P3-21-DL-D1 adopts the side or head type cabinet, Kemai MRS/AMF controller/IG parallel controller, ABB brand or domestic famous brand switch and other high performance configuration.

▶ Small size, 400(W)*755(H)*165(D).
▶ Light weight and small size, finished weight 19.5kg , no welding on the cabinet frame, riveted connection.
▶ Reserved 31-pin airline plug, quantity: 1 on each side, hose connector, quantity: 2 on each side, convenient customers to install according to actual needs without replacing the control cabinet.
▶ Integrated control panel for easy installation, maintenance and simple wiring.
▶ The unique way of opening the door not only saves the space of opening the door of the static speaker, but also facilitates maintenance and wiring.
▶ Ventilation grilles are installed on the left and right to ensure smooth ventilation inside the cabinet.
▶ The circuit breaker cover is designed with "hoist opening", so the bolt does not need to be removed when removing the cover, which is convenient and quick.
▶ The cable inlet of the breaker from the generator to the control cabinet is designed at the back of the cabinet, and the outlet is at the bottom of the cabinet.
▶ The panel part can get the wiring diagram, schematic diagram, instruction manual, etc. by sweeping the QR code, and the UV printing content can be customized.
▶ Delixi, Chint circuit breaker common a cabinet, specific classification as follows.
     100L-250L frame corresponding to the external dimensions: 400(W)*755(H)*165(D)
     400L-630L frame corresponding to the external dimensions: 400(W)*900(H)*240(D)
     800L-1250L frame size: 500(W)*1350(H)*240(D)
▶ Characteristic appearance design and color matching.
▶ Comet controller with off/manual/automatic mode selection.
▶ Relay circuit equipped with surge protection diodes.
▶ The control cabinet is equipped with MU318MC-HL control circuit board. The main advantages of the control circuit board are
a) Versatility of different control voltages: integrated control board output 12V/24V, by plugging and unplugging relays 12V/24V replacement.
b) Versatility of different controllers: the relay coils can receive input signals of different polarities (positive input or negative (positive input or negative input) to meet the use of different types of controllers.
c) The integrated control board is coated with insulating paint on both sides, with moisture-proof and corrosion-proof characteristics.
d) DC voltage range 8-36V, rated working voltage DC12V/24V.
e) The integrated control board is equipped with a test button, which can be started in case of controller failure or as a self-test of the integrated control board.


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