Redundant parallel cabinet

GEB series parallel cabinet is an intelligent parallel control cabinet, which can realize both single machine operation, parallel operation of multiple machines and parallel operation with power grid. It automatically realizes frequency/voltage adjustment, synchronous closing, and active and reactive load distribution according to the set value when running in parallel. Comprehensive monitoring, protection and fault diagnosis functions for generator sets. The control system is designed with automatic parallel system and emergency manual parallel system.

GEB series parallel cabinet adopts MNS-E, GGD or GCK cabinet type, Comet IC-NT or IG-NT control and parallel module, electric operation circuit breaker and other configurations.
GEB series parallel cabinet sets the main unit and standby unit, automatically starts the main unit when the utility power is cut off, automatically starts the second unit when the main unit is loaded to 80% (can be set), and adjusts the two units to automatically synchronize parallel loading after the utility power is restored and the two units are automatically separated and shut down.
GEB series parallel cabinet can be pre-designed according to customer's special requirements to start with no load first and then carry load; single unit start, call the second unit to start and carry load according to the amount of load.

Optional ABB authorized MNS-E cabinet type, ABB authorization number with LOGO;

Controller redundancy.
expandable more than 32 units grouped in parallel project, up to 32 groups.
Built-in PLC function for user to design suitable control scheme.
Optional humanized front cabinet door automatic LED operation lighting and rear cabinet door file pocket design;
Special appearance design and color matching;
Standardized copper row and alignment standards;
The use of airline connectors, convenient and user-friendly on-site use of random configuration and reliability;
Comet automatic/manual (stand-alone/parallel) mode, emergency manual (stand-alone/parallel) and war reserve status selection;
Spare terminal signal lead-out, easy for customers to temporarily add functions to the wiring;
RS232 output to the panel for easy operation and data reading;
Ergonomic external power socket for backup;
Each unit is equipped with a five-phase copper row for parallel connection between cabinets, which is convenient for customers to combine single or parallel machines at will;


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