ATS Switching Cabinet

 GEQ series dual power supply switching cabinet can realize power supply switching between two units and between units and utility power and load. The two power supplies are monitored and controlled in real time through Comet IA-NT controller or multi-functional energy meter.

Through the optional IA-NT controller, the switching time of main and backup power can be set, and the switching between the two power sources can be realized manually or automatically.
GEQ series dual power supply switching cabinet adopts GGD cabinet type or wall-mounted self-made cabinet, Comet IA-NT controller and ATS switch body configuration, which has the characteristics of stable working performance and low failure and maintenance rate.
GEQ series double power switching cabinet is mainly used for important loads in low-voltage power supply system, such as fire-fighting, hospitals, banks and data centers, where the load needs to be switched from main power supply to standby emergency power supply to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads.

 Standardized copper row and alignment standards;

Optional airline connector, convenient to use with the user's site arbitrary configuration to improve reliability.
Optional ATS controller with automatic/manual mode selection;
Spare terminal signal lead-out, easy for customers to temporarily increase the function;
The optional IA-NT-PWR controller can realize the function of short-time parallel connection of two power sources;
ATS body with MCCB or ACB circuit breaker combination, with circuit breaker short-circuit protection function;
With the ATS controller, the three-phase utility monitoring function is available;
The switch body can choose to use PC grade or CB grade, the reliability and safety of PC grade products are higher than CB grade products.


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