GEG series high-voltage cabinet

 GEG series high voltage cabinets focus on various fields of genset supporting applications. In addition to meeting the control, protection and monitoring functions of conventional high voltage cabinets, we also customize the control and protection of high voltage parallel, grid-connected, ATS, multi-voltage output for different applications of genset. It has special application scenarios such as high altitude, high cold, high protection grade container type high voltage cabinet.

It can be equipped with VD4, HVX, 3AE, HVS, ZN86A (VEB) and other circuit breakers of today's mainstream manufacturers. The matching cabinet type has ample cable connection space and perfect and reliable five-proof locking device.
The company produces the following series of high-voltage cabinets for generator sets: high-voltage parallel cabinet, grid-connected cabinet, ATS cabinet, incoming cabinet, PT cabinet, outgoing cabinet, lifting cabinet, ground resistance cabinet, DC cabinet.
GEG series high voltage cabinets are intelligent single or parallel high voltage switchgear cabinets, which can realize single operation, parallel operation of multiple machines or parallel operation with the grid. When running in parallel, it automatically realizes frequency/voltage adjustment, synchronous closing, and active and reactive load distribution according to set values. Comprehensive monitoring, protection and fault diagnosis functions for generator sets. The control system is designed with automatic shunt system and emergency manual shunt system.
GEG series high-voltage parallel cabinet adopts KYN cabinet type, imported Czech ComAp intelligent control system, remote monitoring system and parallel module, electric operation circuit breaker and other configurations.
GEG series high-voltage parallel cabinet can set the main unit and the standby unit inside the parallel controller, automatically start the main unit when the utility power is cut off, automatically start the second unit when the main unit is loaded to 80% (can be set), and adjust the two units to automatically synchronize parallel loading, and automatically divide and shut down the two units after the utility power is restored.
GEG series high-voltage parallel cabinet can be pre-designed according to the special requirements of customers to start the parallel machine with no load first and then carry the load; single unit start and call the second unit to start the parallel machine with load according to the amount of load.

 The switchgear cabinet is equipped with comprehensive anti-mistake operation measures and reliable mechanical lockout to meet the requirements of "five preventions", including mechanical lockout to prevent pushing and pulling the circuit breaker trolley or other unit trolley with load, to prevent mistakenly closing the grounding switch with electricity, to prevent pushing the trolley in the closed position of the grounding switch, and to prevent mistakenly entering the charged interval, etc., so as to protect the safety of the operator and the equipment itself to the greatest extent.

The working position and test position of the circuit breaker in the switchgear are accurately positioned, and the mechanical latching ensures that only when the circuit breaker trolley is in the exact working position or test position is the closing operation of the circuit breaker allowed. The mechanical latching mechanism also ensures that the push-pull operation of the circuit breaker trolley is only allowed when the circuit breaker is in the breaking state.
The grounding switch adopts a fast closing mechanism with short-circuit closing capability, mainly manual operation with a closing and breaking indicator, and a mechanical interlocking device installed on the operating mechanism linkage, which is mechanically interlocked with the breaker trolley and the door of the cable room to prevent the grounding switch from being pushed into the breaker trolley or mistakenly entering the energized interval when the grounding switch is in the closed state. The grounding switch can also add a latching solenoid to achieve electrical interlocking between the grounding switch and equipment other than the cabinet.
The metal live door is used in front of the static contact box in and out of the trolley room. When the trolley is withdrawn from work, the metal live door will be automatically closed to cover the static contact box and meet the requirements of IP2X protection level, thus ensuring the personal safety of operators and maintenance personnel and not accidentally touching the energized static contacts. In addition, the live door drive mechanism can be padlocked when the trolley is in the moving position to prevent accidents caused by non-professional switchgear operators and maintenance personnel from forcibly opening the live door.
The switchgear cabinet is completely metal-clad design with high protection level (IP4X), and the openings of power and control cables adopt rubber sealing rings, which can prevent dirt and small animals from intruding and protect the insulation layer of cables.
The doors of the trolley room and cable room are equipped with inspection windows made of double-layer special glass, and there is a certain air gap between the double-layer glass, so that it is convenient to observe the trolley position and the working status of the incoming and outgoing cables without losing the ability of the switchgear to resist internal arc fault.
The three high-voltage compartments of the switchgear are equipped with pressure release channels for releasing the pressure generated by the internal arc fault. The pressure release opens upward and backward under the action of the pressure generated by the internal arc fault, thus ensuring that the operating personnel in front of the cabinet will not be injured by the released high temperature gas.


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