Company Profiles

       Fuzhou Gen-Sets Mech. & Elec. Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is located in Fuzhou, the centralized manufacturing base of generator sets in China and the most livable city with the highest forest coverage rate in China, with Fuzhou Multi-Union Power (established in 2011), Gen sets (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd, and Fuzhou Changbo Container Manufacturing CO. The company is committed to become a professional service provider of generator set supporting and application solutions, providing high-quality, integrated product supply channels and comprehensive, professional and efficient supporting services for OEMs of generator sets.

         The company adheres to the core business philosophy of "integrity, efficient work, expert services"; the service concept of "all to solve customer difficulties"; professional technical services as the basic platform; high-quality high-end products as the medium; timely and effective To assist customers to win the market as the value orientation; timely tracking and master the industry's latest and most advanced technology, the development of low-carbon, environmental protection, technology and practical application products to maintain and enhance the company's core competitiveness.Committed to building a full value chain service provider for generator set supporting and application and related industries.. Create a better life together with our team.

Fuzhou Office:Floor 12, Buliding D,Unis Sci-Tech Park,Fuzhou,Fujian, China

Fuzhou Luoyuan Factory:Building13,The Songshan Area of Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone,Songshan Town, Luoyuan County,Fuzhou,Fujian